Tackling Multiple Niches at Once – Is it Possible?

The idea of quick riches online has been used to sell tons of irrelevant and useless ‘make money online’ courses. Generating an income online is neither fast nor is it easy. If you’ve chosen to build niche sites as your business model, that’s an excellent choice. Since it takes several months for Google to rank … Read more

How to Validate a Profitable Niche

Validating a niche to see if it’s profitable is a process that MUST be undertaken before even buying a domain name. Before going through the steps below, it’s important to ask yourself what your goals are. If you’re passionate about the niche and just enjoy blogging about it (without any intention of profiting from it), … Read more

Are You Cross-selling in Your Niche?

‘Cross-selling’ is a term used to describe the act of selling different products/services to your existing customers. Doing this will help to increase the lifetime value of a customer and boost your earnings exponentially. However, cross-selling online is an art and shouldn’t be undertaken in a haphazard manner. Many marketers get this wrong and sabotage … Read more

5 Ways to Become an Authority in Your Niche

Beginners often confuse the term ‘authority’ to mean the ‘best in the business’ or they think only major multinational companies making billions in profits can be an authority. They believe that they’re either insignificant because they’re not ‘big’ enough… or they need to become a major player for them to be an authority. This false … Read more

3 Keys to Discovering a Profitable Niche

There are millions of niches online and they may all seem lucrative and profitable… BUT you’ll never know until you do your research. The truth is that not all niches are made equal. Some are filled with very passionate individuals but they’re not the type who spend money and buy items related to the niche. … Read more

7 Easy Hacks to Build Self-Confidence

At its most basic, confidence is knowing what you’re good at. It’s knowing the value you provide and conveying that value to others. But don’t make the mistake of confusing this with arrogance which involves believing that you’re better than others. On the other end of the spectrum, there is low self-esteem which involves believing … Read more

Let’s Talk About Licensing

Has your consulting or coaching business hit a revenue ceiling? There’s only so much you can charge for one day’s training, a coaching session or facilitation–assuming you aren’t Tony Robbins. If you provide training or have a service that could be delivered by others, locally or in new markets, let’s talk about licensing.  Licensing your … Read more

How to Create an Intentional Office

Creating an intentional office space starts with creating intentions! This seems like a no-brainer but often, when we’re feeling a little unorganized or scattered, we just want our office to feel better (like, NOW). We run out and buy a new desk, hang a whiteboard on the wall, and start writing another to-do list. But … Read more

Personal Branding

What if I told you that you could significantly reduce the time it would take for you to grow and scale your business if you turned your focus from marketing your business to gaining clarity on your personal brand first? Would you take a moment to understand this better or would you immediately pull up … Read more