Five Elements To A Successful Promotion

Mary Sue Dahill

Mary Sue Dahill

CEO & Founder, Work Smarter Digital

Running a promotion to register attendees for an event is a skill every business owner has to learn. Below are the five elements to make your next promotion a success.

1 – Give Yourself Time To Promote

The #1 reason sales promotions fail is because they aren’t given enough time to do their job. One social post or one email isn’t going to be enough to fill your event or program? A sales promotion requires multiple touchpoints, significant visibility to your community, and time. How much time do you ask? FastSpring did a lot of research and the answer is “5 Weeks is The Sweet Spot!” ~FastSpring

This allows your community enough time to recognize your offer, relate to it, and feel compelled to act.

You should start your content creation 3-6 weeks prior to the start of your promotion.

2 – Message That Converts

When you are promoting an enrollment event or launching a new program, your message has to connect with your ideal client. Your message must agitate the problem and motivate them to action.

Your sales page or registration page must tell the full story from the problem that needs to be solved, pain points being experienced, your solution to the problem, and their expected outcomes.

If your event or launch is financially important to your business, consider Investing in copywriting. Even if they only write your sales page, you will have great content to reuse in emails and social posts.

3 – Multi-Channel Promotion

You know it takes multiple touchpoints to convert a lead to a client. The latest number of touchpoints is 8 to 12 marketing touchpoints. The mistake business owners make is to use only one channel to make these micro-connections. A better approach is to use multiple channels to connect with your lead.

“It’s these touches that you need to focus, optimize, and ultimately — convert on. That doesn’t mean you should expect every touchpoint to lead to a sale.” ~RevenueGrid

Use this short list of sales and marketing touchpoints to include in your next promotion.

  • Phone call
  • One to one meeting
  • Email marketing
  • Social media posts
  • Direct mail postcard
  • Attending your webinar
  • Downloads
  • Case study
  • Community forums

Social media is a great channel to create awareness and also one where you have limited control of who sees it. Make sure to include those channels that you know will be seen like a phone call, email, or postcard.

4 – Create Urgency & Scarcity

Everyone is busy and if you can delay acting, you will. That’s why your promotion must make your lead feel compelled to take action NOW.

To create urgency, use a countdown timer that limits the time your lead has to act. You can base this off an end date or dynamic time period.

To create scarcity, set a small number of people that can take advantage of your event or program.

Learn more about Countdown Timers here:

5 – Plan Your Conversion

You’ve got a compelling offer. You’ve done the promotion. Now it’s time for you to close the sale. It doesn’t matter if 5 people or 50 people attend your event, making the sale is the part we all shy away from. The two keys to planning your conversation are to make sure to give yourself enough time to make the offer in your event and follow up after the event.

Your event doesn’t end until your last follow up email is received. Your event follow up is able to restate the value of your offer and nudge them towards making the sale. If you don’t do the follow up, you will be leaving money on the table.

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Mary Sue Dahill is a Hot Mess Tamer, who helps ambitious entrepreneurs tame their marketing systems to get more clients. Using her all-in-one CRM and methods, her clients quickly go from scrambling for clients to a pipeline that never runs dry. She helps business coaches and consultants that were overwhelmed with their last launch, streamline and automate, so they don’t pull out their hair with their next launch or drop the ball on closing new clients.