How Can I Do Customer Service Well?

Tina Johnson

Tina Johnson

CEO & Certified Business Strategist, CEO Consulting Group

Customer service is a very important tool in business. How we interact with our clients, customers, and anyone we interact with in our business truly affects how people see our brand.

Even if you are reading this and thinking that customer service is not your strong suite, it can be! So, change that limiting belief and mindset, because you absolutely can excel at this!

Think about a time when you had an interaction with a cashier, the barista at the coffee shop, or the waiter/waitress at a restaurant, whether that interaction was negative or positive, it more than likely influenced your thoughts on that establishment, correct? And this same pattern can be true about your business, which is why customer service is so key in our day-to-day operations.

When it comes to customer service communication is key.

In a world where most of the communication we do is digital, making sure that your message comes across in a positive light is important. Great communication in your day-to-day interactions could be the very thing that lands or doesn’t land new opportunities for business.

When it comes to your customer service/communication style, if you have a team that works with you, you want to make sure that your style of customer service and communication is the same throughout your team. It is important that your brand and message is consistent across the board!

In your day-to-day communications, it can be easy to become scripted, and that is a natural tendency, but it is important to make sure that your interactions are personable and genuine. These little details truly do make a difference not only for your customer/client, but also for your brand as well!

Building rapport with your client/customer.

This is a very important detail when it comes to the world of customer service. Building rapport with people truly matters. When you build rapport, it is the very thing that makes your brand memorable. Taking the time to leave a lasting, positive impression on your customer/client is what makes them want to rave about your brand, which makes them keep coming back, and opens new doors for your business!

Being present with your customer/client.

Your days get busy, the calendar just keeps filling up, BUT it is exceptionally important to make sure that when you are responding to customer/client emails, that you are truly present in that moment. Make sure that your client/customer is your top priority, and that you get back to them as soon as you can. You want to make sure that these people remain happy with your services and keep coming back for more. It is also important to make sure that the standard for your communication style is well established, as well as making sure that your team is on the same page with the level of customer service and communication you want to provide.

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