Personal Branding

Melissa Henry

Melissa Henry

Brandtographer and Founder, Melissa Demple Photography and Personal Brandtography™

What if I told you that you could significantly reduce the time it would take for you to grow and scale your business if you turned your focus from marketing your business to gaining clarity on your personal brand first?

Would you take a moment to understand this better or would you immediately pull up Instagram to share your latest Reel instead?

Listen, I know that social media is an important part of your business but you could be using it so much BETTER if you go deeper into your brand FIRST.

Many people think their brand is about their logo or their website, colors, photos, etc. In fact, those things are actually visual representations of your brand but you cannot start there. Just about every facet of your business is touched by your brand.

If you try to create a website, for example, without a deeper understanding of your right fit clients, how you are unique in the marketplace or even the real problem you solve for your clients, you’ll end up wondering why your website isn’t converting visitors into clients.

Jumping into social media without a brand strategy can translate into overwhelm by trying to be on too many platforms. Your content gets little to no engagement or doesn’t encourage anyone to reach out to get on a call with you.

So, what is a personal brand anyway?

Your personal brand is comprised of things like your values, your mission, vision, uniqueness, the problems you solve, your ideal client’s demographics and psychographics, etc. If you’ve spent the time to dig into these areas, you’ll be able to do things like:

  • Determine what content topics you should write about in social media, blogs, newsletters, etc. to establish trust and lead your ideal clients down the path of working with you
  • More easily make decisions on where to invest money in your business
  • Find the right fit employees or contractors when you are ready to hire
  • Know what types of brand images you should have for your website and to pair with your content
  • Figure out the best platform to go all in on in social media

And the list goes on!

Here’s my recommendation for getting more clarity around your personal brand:

  1. Start with defining what your BIG vision is for the impact you want to make on the world. Go as big as you can possibly think of at this time and include everything you desire to make happen. Your vision is a place to find your inspiration and motivation and your deeper “why.”
  2. Once you have a draft of your vision, go from the 30,000 foot view down to the street view. This is where you get to figure out who are the right fit clients for you. Rather than focusing too much on the demographics, dive into the areas about your clients that will help you understand their struggles, desires and what their mindset is like.
  3. Figure out what functional, economic and emotional problems your clients have that are related to the service you provide. What does their transformation look like when you help them solve these problems? Narrow down your focus to see the areas in which you BEST help them transform.

Are you starting to see a few of the puzzle pieces fitting together here?

Seriously, some of the transformations my clients have told me about are that…

  • They need fewer leads in their business because they attract more of the right clients
  • They are able to create content far easier and faster since they KNOW their audience so deeply
  • They are able to create better service offerings because they truly know what makes them unique in the marketplace

If you are curious about what you could do to enhance your personal brand this year so that you can create your big vision, I would love for you to come to my next event.

On April 8th, I’m holding a FREE Personal Brandtography™ Zoom call. On the call, I will be coaching some of the participants with their specific branding questions. Register to get on the list for a chance to be on the hot seat for the call!

There are limited spots for the coaching so those who sign up first have the best chance to be selected.

Excited to help you dive in and create some transformations of your own, regardless of where you are on your personal brand journey!

Big hugs,