Cultivating Meaningful Relationships Through Networking: A Guide to Authentic Connection

In a world driven by connections and collaborations, networking has become an inevitable tool for personal and professional growth. While the term “networking” often conjures images of business cards, handshakes, and elevator pitches, its essence lies far beyond mere transactional interactions. At its core, networking is about cultivating genuine relationships that foster mutual support, learning, … Read more

Stop Wasting Time!

How many times this month did you get to the 10 o’clock night-time hour and say “ugh, I wish I had more time”?  Because likely, your to-do list still isn’t complete, you’re exhausted and now you have to decide to burn the midnight oil or catch some zzzzz’s and push the rest off til tomorrow. Listen, we’ve all been … Read more

Maximum Productivity With the Perfect Work From Home Office:

Maximum Productivity With the Perfect Work From Home Office:

In today’s fast-paced work environment, the key to unlocking peak productivity and motivation is right at home. At Velvet & Pine Home Design, we have mastered the art of creating hundreds of home offices that not only look great but also supercharge our client’s work and careers!  Here we unravel the secrets to crafting the perfect … Read more

Personal Check-In for the New Year

Personal Check-In for the New Year

The advent of a new year often causes us to reflect on our lives and those reflections often come with resolutions to change something in our lives. Yet do we really know where to start when we decide to grow and move forward? The Peace Index helps us understand and express how key factors and … Read more

Cultivating a Culture of Gratitude: More Than Just a Year-End Bonus

As the year winds down it’s customary for organizations to express their thanks to their teams – often in the form of a year-end bonus. However, while financial incentives are important, they’re only a piece of the puzzle when it comes to building a truly appreciative team culture. True gratitude in the workplace transcends transactions … Read more

The Power of Personal Accountability: Your Roadmap to Business Success with OMG Program

Do you find yourself yearning for a community of supportive women business owners who understand your entrepreneurial journey? You’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs share the desire for personal accountability, the secret sauce that can lead to business success. In Part 1, we explored the common challenges faced by busy CEOs: juggling multiple tasks, struggling to … Read more

Is Conflict Bad?

Conflict has a negative connotation in our language and in our relationships. Conflict gets a bad rap! More importantly, most of us were never taught to find healthy resolutions through conflict. Most of us were taught to avoid conflict at all cost or go to war. Both are unhealthy. When you avoid conflict, stop talking, … Read more