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Business Consulting to create impact and income that empowers serious female entrepreneurs.

Do you…

  • Know WHAT needs to be done but get stuck on the HOW?
  • Feel paralyzed or overwhelmed by decision making?
  • Have a million great ideas and yet need guidance around gaining clarity?
  • Lack the tools and resources to turn ideas into actions?
  • Need personal accountability and support?
  • Wish you had a “community” of like-minded women?

Are you committed, open minded, and ready to invest personally and financially to take the necessary actions to build and grow your business?

If these questions ring true, you have great ideas and want to make a difference in the world but the how to of logistics and operations is overwhelming and drags you down. Logistics and tasks are not your superpower. Vision, ideas, big picture thinking is your gift and that is where you should spend your time.

I am Tina Johnson, Founder and Chief Strategist of CEO Consulting Group, LLC. I am passionate about helping female owned, micro businesses building their business and help them accomplish their goals. I am a serial entrepreneur that has nearly 35 years’ experience running and building businesses. Strategy, logistics, and task management are my superpowers. I have translated all of that expertise into a process that can help your business. Whether it’s an immediate project, you are stuck at any stage of business growth or you want a seasoned CEO/COO by your side. I have carved out time in my schedule to help female business owners learn from my experience and thrive in their own business endeavors.

If you are a serious female entrepreneur, I can help you:

I provide individualized business consulting throughout the process and hold you accountable to your established business goals/milestones along the way.

You won’t have to guess at whether you are on the right path or get distracted with other alternatives along the way.

Remember running a business is different than BUILDING a business!

You need to do the work but YOU don’t have to do it alone!