Are You Cross-selling in Your Niche?

Tina Johnson

Tina Johnson

CEO & Certified Business Strategist, CEO Consulting Group

‘Cross-selling’ is a term used to describe the act of selling different products/services to your existing customers. Doing this will help to increase the lifetime value of a customer and boost your earnings exponentially.

However, cross-selling online is an art and shouldn’t be undertaken in a haphazard manner. Many marketers get this wrong and sabotage themselves.

Generally, when a beginner marketer starts making money online, their eyes tend to glaze over with dollar signs and they try to promote more products to boost their earnings.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong in this, it has to be done wisely. For example, if you sold a course that teaches bloggers how to write good content, what you’ll have is a list of bloggers who want to write well.

If you promote an Instagram marketing product (showing people how to become an influencer) to your list of bloggers, most of them will not be interested. The product does NOT gel with their interests and is of no use to them.

It doesn’t matter if the product is $497 and you’re getting a 50% commission. You’ll barely make sales and may get a bunch of unsubscribes.

However, if you promoted a writing tool like Scrivener and tell the same list how this tool can help to improve their writing, now you’re on the same page as the people on your list. Many will buy it because it’s what they need.

In the same vein, bloggers who love to write may want to become published authors too. You could promote a Kindle publishing course to them.

What about SEO? Blogger may need to learn how to optimize their content to rank… so they’ll need an SEO course too.

This is cross-selling!

You want to promote products that are in alignment with the audience’s needs. That’s the secret to cross-selling.

If you sold a weight loss course to men, you can then follow it up with a book on getting six pack abs. After that, they may need a bodybuilding book to carve out their muscles. They’ll need supplements now.

Once they look great, they may be interested in attracting the opposite sex. A book on attracting women would be helpful. And on and on it goes.

Understanding the customer’s journey will help you market to your niche effectively with cross-selling.

Follow-up emails

Cross-selling can be done by queueing up emails in your autoresponder. The emails will have affiliate links to the products you’re recommending (cross-selling) and you’ll make passive sales.

Of course, it’s crucial that you space out your emails sensibly. Don’t rush to cross-sell too many products at once. Spend time discussing the needs of the customer and emphasize the benefits of the product over a few emails before the promotional email.

Links in lead magnets/blog posts

You may also create lead magnets that contain tips on the niche you’re in and have a few links in these reports that link back to products you’re cross-selling. You’ll get passive sales from here too.

Cross-selling products is an art… but it’s not rocket science. As long as you understand your customer’s needs and only promote products that you think will help them, you will do well.

Always put your customer ahead of the dollar. By being helpful, you will inevitably be profitable.