3 Seconds To Impress… How To Keep Your Potential Client’s Attention on LinkedIn!

Miranda VonFricken

Miranda VonFricken

Founder and CEO, Miranda VonFricken, LLC

A question I’m often asked is, “How am I supposed to stand out in a crowded industry, let alone a platform with 800 million users?”

Great question!

My response: Stop trying so hard!

There’s so much pressure to stand out, be different, and have a niche so small that you’re the ONLY one capable to fulfill your client’s needs but adding that to our already busy minds and plates can be quite overwhelming and unnecessary.

Social media can amplify feelings of inadequacy, imposter, and doubt!

But what I’ve realized in my over 10 years focused on branding, mindset work, and business motivation is the harder we try to stand out, the worse we feel. With that said… we still need to if we’re going to be successful in business.

Enter LinkedIn!

The largest professional social site in the world and it’s YOURs for FREE!

Specifically focused on connecting, educating, and showcasing the talents of its over 800 million members. LinkedIn allows you to create an online presence and professional brand that can open doors to opportunities and connections you may not have previously had access to at a moment’s notice.

This amazing platform gives you the ability to showcase your passions, expertise, and raving recommendations to MILLIONS of potential clients, and it’s often your first professional impression for anyone who is searching for your services.

But what happens when they search for you and your profile is less than awesome?!

They scroll on down to the next option!

That’s right!

You have about 3-5 seconds to impress them… EEK!

No pressure there!

But the BEST part about those who stand out on LinkedIn… they’re not trying. They’re completely and authentically themselves. THAT’s what brings in the comments, conversations, and eventually, the clients. Being in your zone of genius and your most authentic self is what brings all eyes to you on this platform. And I’m all about that!

With that said, here’s how to get noticed and make the best 1st impression on the highest converting social selling platform around!

While connecting to new professionals and engaging in conversations is the best way to grow, your FIRST step must be perfecting your profile! Your personal profile should be the clearest representation of who you are and what you want the world to see. This is where you gain their attention and keep it!

No more scrolling on by, drawing all eyes to you, and keeping them there is easier than you think.

My TOP 3 tips to make your profile POP and gain your ideal client’s lasting attention:

Your Photos: These are the first visual expression of you and your work. It’s where the first 3 seconds of your viewer’s mind is and where they make the decision to keep reading or not.

The main photo should be a headshot of just you, looking as fly as can be!

Professional, yet excited to be there.

The background (easily created in Canva) can be as imaginative as you’d like. Think of this photo as a billboard promoting who you are and what you do. Adding a call to action (for that something extra) will surely take your potential customer on their first journey into working with you. Be sure it’s a good one!

*Bonus: If you have creator mode on… MAKE THAT VIDEO! Turn your headshot into a 30-second video explaining who you are and how you’re changing the world with your work. This is my FAVORITE place to shine on LinkedIn… and it’s quite the attention grabber!  

Your Headline: This is where you can lose them, quick! Don’t devalue the importance of these few lines… they can make or break your whole experience on the platform.

A great base formula to use to show exactly what you do is:  I do ______ for _____ by _______.

This is a terrific way to describe what you do, who do you it for, and how. Also, add that CTA and let people know what to do next!

NOTE: Don’t simply list out your title and company, that’s boring!

Recommendations: Don’t be shy, get them!

As a business owner, having fantastic and easy-to-find recommendations is KEY to moving a potential client to your next step! If someone is interested in your work and wants to see some “social proof” – recommendations on LinkedIn are a great way to provide ‘em.  

Be sure to recommend some of your connections as well. This really helps get you noticed!

Your LinkedIn profile is a beautiful way to blend the personal and professional journey your career has taken you on and how you provide value to your clients. Don’t waste the chance to showcase your level of awesome buy half-heartedly filling in the sections and not taking this resource seriously!

Creating and expressing your brand, style, and offerings on LinkedIn is a sure way to be seen and heard by those who make decisions and buy!

Get your profile POP’n and soon after, it’s your bank account that will be POP’n from all those new clients you got on LinkedIn!

First impressions count… what’s yours saying?